So you are thinking of becoming a foster carer.

We are a Non for Profit rescue and we are completely run by volunteers. As foster carers, we come from all different walks of life – retail staff, farmers, beauticians, lawyers, builders, tradies, single parents, newlyweds, retirees, university students – but the biggest thing is, we come together to make a difference, we become the WISH family!

Our WISH carers are located all over WA, including some regional towns for emergency foster, however the majority of our carers are within the Perth CBD. This makes it easier for vet work that is needed and also, potential adopters to visit and meet their new family member.

When donations arrive, WISH helps with the supply of food to carers and other items such as dog beds, collars leads, wormer, flea treatments etc but sometimes carers can and do supply their own. But all vet needs are sorted and paid by WISH, through our WISH selected vets only. 

WISH Foster caring involves looking after the foster dogs as if they were your own. The minute they arrive in care, we stop feeling sorry for them – they are safe, they are loved and they are home. We feel sorry for any left behind, that are yet to get their WISH. Your job as a WISH carer is to supply love, food, a warm bed, transport, training and discipline.

Make a WISH and come on board to make a difference!

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for WISH, please check out our FAQ’s below, and please fill out a

foster carer application form.