About WISH

WISH Animal Rescue Team or more commonly referred to as WISH, is based solely on WISH foster care homes (no kennels) for unwanted, homeless, neglected & mistreated animals.
WISH was founded in February 2013 and we are a non-profit organisation and located in Western Australia. 

WISH’s mission is to support the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted puppies and dogs.

WISH animals come from extreme WA remote areas and are abandoned, unwanted or live on the streets. Others come from council pounds, country police or country rangers.

One of our most successful programs has been our  WISH STERILISATION PROGRAM (WSP)

We understand that litters occur in these remote country towns  due to limited access to vet

Gcare or being unable to afford sterilisation.

If this occurs,

WISH takes on the complete litter and in return WISH will Sterilise, Vaccinate, Microchip, Flea & Worm the mother under our WSP at the total expense to WISH. We strongly believe in ending the breeding cycle via this gifted WSP. The mother dog then gets to stay with her family and her puppies come into WISH foster care, to receive all their vet care needed and to find their new home & family.It is a wonderful achievement by WISH and over 500 mothers have blossomed since 2013, under our WSP. 

We travel thousands and thousand of kilometres per year and enjoy our country roads, and we never say no and we never, say never…