Terms & Conditions

“WISH” prides itself on finding the right home for all our animals, and making sure their wish, of a better life is granted. In order to do this, and maintain the high level of care we expect for our animal, we have terms and conditions that apply to all adoption. By adopting an animal from WISH, you agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions*.


1. Agree to register the animal with the Shire as required by law, and agree to keep registration current for the life of the animal.

2. Agree to have the animal wear a pet identification tag at all times for identification purposes.

3. Agree that once adopted, should the animal become ill or develop disease, that the animal is no longer the responsibility of WISH. You must seek medical advice/treatment when required.

3. Agree that the animal will require further vaccinations throughout its life at the adopters cost.

4. If at any time you can no longer care for the animal, it must be returned to WISH, or prior approval given to re-home the animal privately. The animal is not to be sold, given away or disposed of. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the animal to be found a place in a suitable foster home.

5. The animal may not be used for experimental purposes.

6. The animal must be de-sexed under the WISH Adoption agreement, once the animal reaches 6 months of age, and at no later than 7 months of age. NO animal may be used for breeding at any point.

7. The animal has not been heartworm tested.

8. WISH is to be permanently registered as a second contact on all microchips. You may update primary contact to your own details.

9. All animals are adopted on a 14 day trial. It is your responsibility to contact us after this period to confirm you will be keeping the dog.

10. Should the animal be returned within this 14 day period, all moneys will be returned. If the animal is returned outside this 14 day period, no moneys will be returned.

10. Microchip transfer will be sent out within 2 weeks of you confirming your trial has concluded.


Failure to comply with these terms and conditions, gives WISH the authority to remove the animal from the adopter, without prior notice.


* Terms and conditions may change/update at any time without notice.