It started with a WISH

January 23, 2014

Sam’s story

A few days ago we were asked to take on a male Border Collie who needed vet assistance and a new home due to personal issues, and of course we did not hesitate to help him.


Upon arrival to the vets it was noted we had another extremely sad case of neglect on our hands, to the shock of the staff at Foothills Animal Hospital-WA also.

Chuppa aka Sam (via his microchip that was implanted in 2005) was in horrendous condition…



sam5  sam7

 He has 2 extremely infected ears, A flea/skin condition from lack of care which has caused his fur to fall out on his whole back end, an abscess on the side of his face the size of an golf ball, that was causing him so much sadness, pain and grief..

They removed well over 10 grass seeds from his boy with numerous tracking paths, where they have entered and traveled though his body.
He had abscesses the size of golf balls that have been removed and he has been clipped back to skin to make sure they have got every thing that needed to be done, he also had teeth removed also that had gone bad.




After they had performed major surgery on this poor neglected and sad dog of ONLY years old; who’s soul was broken from pain & neglect they scanned him and found a microchip.

After searching the data base and finding his original owner we contacted them and asked did they own a Border Collie back in 2005, they said yes they did. Through many tears, they said they felt he had been stolen as he was only 6 months old when he was removed from their yard, and no way could he of got out.

We told them we have him now in care with our vets, and he is in a very, very, very sad way.



But when his old dad, his new dad, the only dad he should ever of had dad, picked him up from the vets with his new brother to be at the back right, who loves him to pieces., the light in his eyes that had long came back.







So to the person who removed this dog from his home, I hope your damn proud of yourself that the last 8 years of this dogs life have been hell. When an animal gets to the point it gives up due to neglect this deserves a jail sentence, any way you look at it.

The laws in this country need to be changed and people held responsible for this ….

We are grateful for micro chipping and we have been in tears for 15 hours knowing we found his mum & dad and the hell he has lived is over. He is still in the prime of his life being 8.8 years old he is only half way.

From this point on Samuel as your mother called you 8.8 years ago we wish you well, Sam and to the person who thought 8.8 years ago they had a right to take him I hope karma gets you good-real good 🙁

Do we believe in WISH’s…oh we sure do even more than ever, as their wish came true to find their way to WISH so we could rebuild them back to the wonderful gifts they are and always should of been and we plan to make their dreams come true.





So welcome back Sam to Nikki & Simon your original parents, and the home you should never of been taken from.






AND please people microchip your pets…so at some time they may find themselves back home again-where they belong…