Becoming a Foster Carer

Make a WISH and come on board to make a difference!fc
We all come from all sort of back grounds farmers, beauticians, lawyers, builders, tradies, single mums, newly weds, retirees, Uni students, students but the biggest thing is we are family.
WISH Foster caring involves looking after the foster babies as your own, supplying love, food, a warm bed and getting them to their vet appointments if need be.
WISH pays for all Wish vet bills while animals are in Wish foster care.
Although WISH is lucky enough to be donated food from time to time, it comes a great bonus every now and then – however can not be relied upon as a sole source of food and Foster carers are asked to supply food, bedding etc for their foster babies.
We have a great support group of over 100 foster carers and someone is on line 24/7.
We are family!
If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for WISH, please contact fill out a foster carer application form.

Foster caring FAQ

What is a foster carer?

Foster carers provide temporary homes for our WISH pets prior to adoption. Providing foster care is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless WISH pets in need of a family environment. Foster carers love these animals like their own,. They need love and care before they can be adopted. By providing foster care for a few days/weeks/months and while vet work is carried out via WISH vets only (Ocean Keys Vet hospital and Swan Vet).

Would I be a good foster carer?

If you want to do something to help animals in need, foster caring is fun and we have a wonderful team who all share this same commitment.

By allowing a dog into your home and loving them like your own, and then letting them go requires a special kind of person. Your role as a foster carer is to prepare the animal for adoption into a loving home we are all just stepping stones to a better world.

What skills are needed?

It is best to have a huge love for cats & dogs and know a little to a lot about dog behaviour, even though some can fit in a world, that this may be the first time experience as a pet owner. Some of our dogs most in need of foster care are those who require a little extra help or some training and they have not been given the tools they need to be family pets. They are mainly frightened because they have been abused or unloved and not been taken proper care of. Many will need help with toilet training and jumping and lack manners, which is easily fixed when and if you know how. Dogs are eager to learn and eager to make you happy.

What about food and medical care?

We provide all vet care via our nominated WISH vets only:

  • Ocean Keys Veterinary Hospital: 61 Key Largo Dr, Clarkson WA 6030
  • Swan Veterinary Hospital: 14 Runyon Rd, Midvale WA 6056

Any other vet work will be covered at your own expense, if not confirmed with WISH. We also provide food if we have some donated, but are always grateful and it is expected that foster carers can supply food for their fosters.

What about my own pets?

Your own pets are taken in to consideration with new foster members, as they all have to live in perfect harmony. There is normally a 24/48 cool off period, as everyone learns what is expected of them. Some pets love their new foster family and some will not be happy at all. If so, within 48 hours they will be shifted in to new foster care. It is best to judge you own pet as you know them well, and know what personality is best. But this still can take a few days to find tranquillity and in very rare cases, there can be an issue that does not settle in 48 hours. They will be moved to something more suitable for all parties.

Will I have to find a home for the dog myself?

All WISH animals in foster care are WISH members and we take full responsibility when placing them in their permanent homes. You can certainly share you foster pet on your Facebook page but they are not to be placed on other Rescue Pages, Gumtree or newspapers . While the foster carer plays a vital role in the life of the foster pet all decisions remain WISH Animal Rescue as to where the foster pet will be placed, in his/her permanent home.

When it is time to say good-bye?

Letting go of a foster baby is heart breaking and children suffer the worst. But we have to remember we are a stepping stone to a better life and they needed us for this transition into a world of love and balance.

You have to remember one major thing, there is always someone else desperate for the world this one is leaving. We ask you to stay in touch with the new parents & families this can be beautiful in itself.

There will be that someone who you can never leave and we call them Foster Failures (FF) as they found their wonderful home and fit just perfectly. That is why we are always asking for new foster carers as there are so many perfect dogs, just because they have come to WISH unloved and untrained they are just caterpillars waiting to turn into butterflies.

Some people think it is not fair and find it hard to foster care, as that day will come and they need to move on, not at all. But we are all just stepping stones to show them that love, food and a home is never out of reach, and their new family and home is at the end of this journey.

Foster care can help prepare a dog for a new life in a permanent home. Many dogs need this preparation time before finding their own family. So remember it is a selfless thing we do as foster carers giving back, what other humans have denied for sometimes years.

We can do this, this is our WISH…

How do I express my interest to foster care with WISH?

You will need to complete a foster care application form and have a home visit to help us determine which dogs might be suitable for your environment.

We like to see photos of existing pets in the house hold if possible, and see yard, gates and outdoor shelter to ensure their safety while under your supervision (these can be provided when completing a foster care application form).

We only allow foster carers to foster care, if the animals are treated as part of the family home. We do NOT approve applications for foster caring, if they are to be outside only pets.

A contract between WISH Animal Rescue and the foster carer outlines our needs for our WISH babies, and also what you can expect from WISH.